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Schedule #0010

Rough Schedule

  • Physics 1D03

  • Notes

  • Pay f

  • LONAPA type?

  • Notes from Live lecture (quiz tomorrow)

  • Lab #03 Readover

  • Arts/recreation

  • Coding

  • Illustration (jazz)

  • Piano

  • Electrical components (amazon.ca)

Cool Synth resources I've found:

Found a YouTube channel that explores synths and DIY synths


The simplest DIY audio oscillator? not a 555 chip. reverse avalanche - YouTube

A cool website regarding synths for beginners

Intro to DIY synthesis | Bleep Labs

I've been interested in synthesizers for a bit, and am trying to grasp how they work at its most fundamental level. It would be a cool project to build and see how a sound wave can be manipulated and adapted to digital devices.

Synthesizer Basics: Amplitude, Oscillators, Timbre | Music Production | Berklee Online - YouTube

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